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Does your business have the skills to grow?

Does your business have the skills to achieve its growth plan?  Does your business struggle to recruit the right skills? Opportunities Workshop can provide fully funded training programmes that help achieve your business objectives by developing the skills of your workforce. We have over 80 courses ready for immediate start to help develop your organisations…

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Gym-Free Exercise For Body and Mind

When you are studying and working, getting fit and staying healthy is really important –especially in winter! Here are some great ways to boost your fitness levels and your immune system without having to hit the gym! Walk to work in the mornings or get off the bus a few stops early and walk the…

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Apprenticeships, The Key To Staying Ahead in IT

How does a business future-proof its systems? The same way someone with a passion for technology secures a career – with an IT Apprenticeship. Staying ahead of the digital technology curve is vital for businesses of all sizes, IT after all lies at the heart of effective communication, marketing, and general management – whatever the…

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