Alternatives to University

When it comes to your future career you have many options to choose from. In the past university was the obvious choice for those who wanted to continue with education. However today there are many diverse ways you can progress and shape the career ahead of you. Your parents and teachers might be pushing university, but it certainly doesn’t hurt to explore other options. Especially when you consider the recent increase in the cost of university as well as the rising dropout rate and diminishing career prospects.

Higher Apprenticeships

A great alternative to consider is apprenticeships. An apprenticeship? How can that be a genuine alternative to university? Well, there’s a relatively new type of apprenticeship aimed at students that have completed college and who are looking to gain further qualifications, called a higher apprenticeship.

These can be a great alternative to university as you train while you work. You earn money whilst gaining a qualification and if you are successful in the apprenticeship then you usually gain a full-time job out of it, because ompanies are keen to retain skilled employees with industry and business specific knowledge. This gives you the opportunity to earn a decent wage and have no debt at all. The wide range of apprenticeships available are also a benefit, you can work in a number of sectors such as business, engineering and IT for some of the UKs most prestigious companies.

To be eligible for one, you must have either at least two A-levels (or equivalent) or have completed an advanced apprenticeship. Higher apprenticeships are designed to give you a more advanced level of training than your standard apprenticeship. Even better, some higher apprenticeships give you the chance to work towards a higher qualification, such as an undergraduate degree so you don’t miss out on the university experience! For more information check out this link.

Starting at the bottom

amazing-supermarket-jobsIf an apprenticeship doesn’t sound like the right path for you there are many other alternatives. Going straight into a job at the bottom rung of the corporate ladder and working your way up can be a great way to progress. This way you get to learn all this skills you need at every level of the industry giving you a greater understanding for how the company fits together as a whole.

Many large companies prefer this route for their staff, for example supermarkets such as Sainsbury’s and Waitrose will offer to train their in-house staff to managerial positions. The only drawback is that you will have to stick it out as this route usually takes a little while to progress. However If you work hard enough and show initiative then you can work your way up the ladder to the very top.

Short college courses

If you don’t fancy going straight into work there are plenty of short college courses out there that you can take instead of a degree. Short courses are a great way to fill gaps in your knowledge, so if you have a career in mind but you just need to brush up on one or two areas this may be the way to go. Alternatively they allow you to sample what skills you are likely to need in certain industries to see if they suit your skillset. This can save you the time and money of studying a full-time degree only to decide that particular career isn’t the right one for you.

Another aspect to short courses is that they can allow you to turn your interests into a hobby into a career. With a broad range of subjects to choose from, you can learn the skills you need to turn your passion into your future.

Start your own business

thO1CDJ5F5Alternatively you can always start your own business if you feel like you have had enough of education. The world is your oyster! You can follow in the footsteps of great entrepreneurs who also didn’t go to university like Richard Branson, Alan Sugar or Steve Jobs. If you have a good idea, the drive to make it happen and the knowledge to back it up, then you should go for it. With the current job market in mind, there has never been a better time to start your own business and be enterprising.

No matter what you chose just be sure to work hard to make sure that you succeed in whatever you do!


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