Apprenticeships, The Key To Staying Ahead in IT

How does a business future-proof its systems? The same way someone with a passion for technology secures a career – with an IT Apprenticeship.

IT Apprenticeship, Opportunities Workshop, Essex and Suffolk

Staying ahead of the digital technology curve is vital for businesses of all sizes, IT after all lies at the heart of effective communication, marketing, and general management – whatever the sector. IT is also the fastest growing industry, offering a rewarding career that can take a qualified person anywhere in the world.

Benefits of Hiring an Apprentice

IT apprenticeship programmes are an effective way for businesses to ensure that their employees are at the top of their game, helping secure the success of the business for all in the future.

  • Lower training and recruitment costs
  • Improved productivity
  • Your business is more competitive
  • Workers have skills specific to your business goals
  • The business benefits from a dedicated, motivated workforce
  • The skills in the workplace are kept fresh and relevant

Benefits of Becoming an Apprentice

An IT apprentice gets to enjoy the best of both worlds in this diverse and interesting industry: increasing skill levels to achieve a recognised qualification, and at the same time earning a wage.

  • Earn a wage
  • Learn new skills
  • Get a nationally recognised qualification
  • Train at no cost
  • Practical experience
  • Full support
  • Fast career progression

An IT Apprenticeship is ideal for Help Desk Technicians, First or Second Line Support staff, IT Infrastructure Technicians, Network Support staff, Sales Engineers, Technical Retail Assistants and Technical Tele Sales teams.

For more information about creating a bespoke IT apprenticeship programme designed to benefit your company, or to find an IT apprentice – get in touch!


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