Get that promotion!

stepupHere we have put together our top tips to help you get that promotion you have been after!

For some people, the scary prospect of even initiating the promotion conversation means they never get round to it. However, it is important to remember in this economic climate, employers want to retain talent, so stop thinking of it as an ordeal and try and do one of the following:

  • Wait for your annual appraisal or take advantage of a scheduled formal meeting between you and your manager.
  • Send your boss an email asking for a meeting. Be clear that it’s to discuss your progress and potential.
  • A gentler approach is to ask your boss what would qualify you for a promotion or salary rise. You should ask for specifics, which, depending on your job, could include the targets you need to achieve, or the projects you would need to complete.

Now we’re getting somewhere!

So you’ve planned the meeting and it is in the diary. All you need to do now is ensure you make the most of it – so prepare! Important – you won’t get a pay rise or promotion for just doing your job or for length of service. You need to impress your boss with solid evidence that you have performed over and above the requirements of your current role.

Time to prove it!

  • Write out your achievements over the past year just as you would for a CV and memorise before the meeting. And everything counts, from facts and figures showing you’ve boosted sales, etc. Just remember to show how it’s improved the business too.
  • List everything you do that’s above and beyond your job description.
  • Identify the role you want, find out what the requirements are and give relevant examples of why you’re right for the job.

Even better, you could…

  • Highlight skills you haven’t been able to use in your current position. Is there something you excelled at in a previous job and feel you should be given the chance to do in your current role?
  • Have an idea of who could be your potential successor – some employers may find it easier to keep you in your current role rather than face the headache of filling it.

Ready for action!

Great, you’re all prepared and ready for action, but remember to keep your cool. Check out these top tips:

  • Approach the meeting as you would a job interview and get ready to sell yourself all over again.
  • Remember, you may be taking your boss by surprise, so the chances are you’ll have to wait for a decision or even steel yourself for follow-up meetings.
  • Anticipate any questions your boss might have, but be aware you may still find
    yourself momentarily stumped by the unexpected. You know what to do, of course – stay calm and answer as fully as you can. If your boss asks for a report or information you don’t have, simply say when you can provide it.

The negotiation

Negotiating for the right package isn’t always easy, so here are a few pointers:

  • Whatever you do, wait until you are actually offered the promotion before you discuss figures.
  • Compare what you’re offered with what you’ve uncovered in your research.
  • Be realistic. Obviously, during an economic downturn, companies balk at salary increases, but don’t be afraid to calmly restate your case if you feel it is too low.

Follow these tips and we ensure you that they will help you get that promotion you’ve been after!

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