Invest in your career

If you don’t invest in your career then chances are your working life may not go exactly the way you planned. It’s been described as “Floating down a fast river without a paddle, map or knowledge of what’s around the next bend” Put simply, the more skills and knowledge you develop, the better the odds are of you getting that dream job or promotion. If this alone isn’t enough to convince you, here are another 5 great reasons why investing in your career is essential!


1. There is no greater return on investment!

For the comparatively small outlay of time and money you spend on improving yourself, the returns are enormous. They are indeed far greater than those on any other investment you could make. The rewards can range from increased lifetime earnings and new opportunities to making yourself crucial to your business and gaining the satisfaction that comes from personal growth and success.invest in yourself 2 (2)

2. You can choose your future

Investing in yourself gives you the tools you need to create and dictate your own future. You can take the path you want, not the one you have to. Having knowledge and skills that are valuable in your ideal job or career allows you flexibility and choice when it comes to what your job can do for you. Sometimes, it means taking a risk, but that’s often the price for success.

3. You can make your goals reality

Your career and life goals are far too important to be just goals. If you neglect your career needs and wants, you can derail your overall life goals too. Investing in yourself appropriately will dramatically increase your ability too and thereby the probability of achieving your goals. From getting a promotion or starting a job in your ideal career, investing in yourself provides you with the knowledge and skills you need to achieve your goals.

4. You can develop support networks

You cannot know everything you need to know, or do everything you need to do alone. You can’t be your best without help. Find, invest in and develop relationships with those who skillset compliments your own. You’re still investing in yourself as this allows you to focus on your own personal strengths. Cultivating these relationships enables you to outsource your weaknesses and by developing a key and trusted team that can support you not just for now but into the future, allows for continued growth and flexibility.

5. Life is too short to be average

You don’t want to be average. Whether you opt for self-improvement or outsourcing your weak areas to someone who can do them better, do what you need to do in order for you to stand out from the crowd and ensure you achieve the working life you want and make your job work for you.

How to Invest in Your Career

When it comes to actually investing in your career there are several approaches you could use, personally I prefer this method. Firstly invest in understanding yourself better to figure out what you want out of your job and what your strengths and weaknesses are. Secondly develop your goals, plans, professional skills, knowledge, networks, and your personal brand and profile to ensure you have all the skills you need to get the job you want. Thirdly go out there and make it happen!

These are just some of our top tips. However everyone has their own secrets of success and ways of investing in themselves,the most important thing however, is to find a way that works for you!


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