Meet One of Our Apprentices

Read all about Tom’s journey on becoming an apprentice in Customer Service and the impact it has made on him

Customer Service Apprentice


I was working part time in the catering business, but it wasn’t something I wanted as a career. I started to look for a new job and I came across a warehousing apprenticeship, which at the time seemed like a really good idea – but, again, it wasn’t something that I wanted as a career.

I was in a situation where I wanted something new and fast. That’s when I got into contact with Opportunities Workshop who put me in the right direction after being so unsure on what career path to take.


Opportunities Workshop arranged for us to have a meeting where we discussed what skills I currently had and what I was interested in learning more about.

That’s when Opportunities Workshop helped me realise that a ‘Customer Service Apprenticeship’ would be perfect for me, as I really enjoy meeting new people, helping them out and learning new skills. They organised an interview for me with a local business and prepped me with interview skills which really got me motivated.

Thanks to Opportunities Workshop I was successful in my interview, which made me feel even more confident within myself.


I feel a lot more comfortable with everything now as I am doing something that I enjoy. The tutors and assessors have both been really helpful and I feel that they have got me back on track.

I have gained so many transferable skills since beginning my apprenticeship and I feel as if I am more comfortable to work independently and I can now deal with different situations confidently. I would highly recommend Opportunities Workshop to any young person who is looking to develop their career.


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