Providing the right support

Whatever your career goals and ambitions, our team are committed to helping you find the most appropriate support.

To enable us to do this, our team are trained to provide high quality information, advice and guidance; and our business holds the Matrix Standard to recognise our commitment to doing so.

When we first meet we’ll take the time to understand the motivation for your enquiry¬†before offering solutions.

This will include checking your eligibility for public funding to support your studies, assessments to enable us to identify the most effective programmes for you and completion of a Learning Styles Questionnaire.

If you’ve struggled with formal learning in the past, or there are other issues in your life that may affect your ability to succeed in your studies – we’ll take these into account when planning the pace and intensity of your learning programme.

And if we can’t provide everything you need, we’re embedded within a wide-ranging¬†adult education and employment network and will be able to make the connections you need.

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